In the Saone in Lyon

Il Barbe is an island in the Saone River. It’s springtime and the river flow is up, overflowing some of the riverside sidewalks.

On the island was the home of a 5th century abbey. It was dismantled during the French revolution. Today there are beautiful stone houses and a magnificent church. See watercolor painting below.

Old houses on Ile Barbe, Lyon
church tower
Church on Ile Barbe

There’s been a bridge to the island since the 17th century. There’s a modern one in place now.

Houses on ile barbe, water color
Houses on Ile Barbe, Lyon, France. This area is private so we had no access. Looks really neat. Photos above show it from the river side

We got there on a local bus. You can get weekly tickets for €22 via the app, which I learned about as we were standing in line to get the paper version, which is €5 more. Once installed and you buy the tickets with your credit card, you simply click on your phone to activate the screen light (you do not have to unlock) and hold it over the scan pad at the metro entrance or inside the bus.

A Magic Summer: Loving Vincent

Scenes from our boat travels in the beautiful countryside of the Netherlands. Small towns, harbors, rural scenes. Original art for sale.

A Magic Summer on our boat in the Netherlands set to Starry Night by Lianne La Havas from the movie Loving Vincent.

One Lane Canal II

One Lane Canal II
One Lane Canal II, 18 x 24 cm 7″ x 9.5″ on Fabriano 300 gr watercolor paper

Rich with charm, Wergea is a tiny village in Friesland, We passed through on our boat Viking via their one lane canal, the only canal in the village. Tranquility, harmony of architecture, bikes on the lanes. In good weather the Netherlands is one of the best places on earth.

Reeds and a Stork

Reeds abd a Stork
Reeds and Storks, watercolor, 18 x 24 cm, 7 x 9.5″ on Fabriano 300 gr watercolor paper

We have been mooring in the deep countryside of Friesland, a province of the Netherlands. Reeds, still used for making thatched roofs, line the canals. Among the wildlife are storks, who nest on the tops of trees. Their black tails help make them more visible from a distance. They have even made some special nesting spots for these large birds.

Castle on the Sambre II

castle on Sambre  river vers 2
Castle on the Sambre II, 24 x 32 cm/ 9 1/2 x 12″ watercolors

Aboard our boat Viking we cruised the canals and rivers of Northern France and Belgium. Chateau, forests, hills, water scenes at every turn. I depicted scenes such as this in a style mixing realism, impressionism and expressionism. This is a second version of this gorgeous and charming bit of history on the Sambre.