Paintings from our boat journeys

Viking in Dokkum 2, NL, water color, 8 x 8″, 20 cm x 20 cm on Arches paper
Zwammerdam, NL
Viking in Dokkum, NL water color, 8 x 8″
Muiden, NL Castle
Haarlem, NL
Edam, NL watercolor — sold
Zwammerdam, NL
Boat on the Sambre, Belgium
Voorschoten, NL
Pond in Zaandam, acrylic, A3, 16.5 x 11.7"
Pond in Zaandam NL, acrylic, A3, 16.5 x 11.7″
Giethoorn Two Houses, NL – watercolor on post card stock
View of Giethoorn, NL (acrylics) A3 16.5 x 11.5″ Sold
Boat Nears Bridge, Geirhoorn, NL water color, 4″ x 6″
Giethoorn NL Three Bridges water color, postcard
Tall Ships Parade to Amsterdam, water color and ink, post card stock
Tall Ships 2, , water color and ink, post card stock
Biergarten in Minden, Germany acrylics on paper 54 x 75 cm/21.25 x 29.5
Hanover By Moonlight, Germany

Bodegraven Port, ink

bodegraven port2 sm
pen and ink, 8.5 x 11, 21 x 30 cm on 300 gram Hahnemuhle paper

Bodegraven is a small town on the Old Rhine/Oude Rijn. The Old Rhine is small and lazy, winding its way through the countryside. The old mill is restored and is now a bar serving its own brew, made in a larger facility just down the street. It was supposed to open on a Wednesday after being closed Monday and Tuesday but at midday it was still closed so we were unable to visit. A Peace Corps friend stayed in the town for several days. After seeing my post on Facebook she told me how good the beer was. Darn! Missed it!