Art from Kiev

These are my paintings made from our visit to Kiev several years ago. The determination to be democratically ruled and independent was obvious from its extensive exhibit of the 2014 uprising. Its architecture is a world treasure. I can only hope that they come out on top of this terrible war with the Russian effort to go after civilians. This effort is another affirmation to its people that it must never again be part of Russia.

Roof of Kiev, acrylics on paper, 11.5*16.5′, 30*42 cm
Pechersk Lavra, Kiev monastery, digital painting
Building in Kiev, digitial painting

Here are `

Caryatid in Kiev
Santa Sofia, digital painting
Pechersk Lavra, Kiev monastery, digital painting

Saint Sofia

Saint Sofia, dating from the 11th century, is one of the most important churches of Kiev.  It is named after the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, an amazing structure dating from the 3rd century Roman period, when Istanbul was called Constantinople after the Roman emperor Constantine.  The buildings bear no resemblance to one another, however.  Saint Sofia’s origin is in the Kieven Rus period, when the region was governed by a loose federations of Slavic and Finnish people.  It has the impressive golden domes you find in Poland and Russia.  The art decorating the interior has the same Byzantine look as well.