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Above is a video presentation of some of my recent paintings.  To see more click on “Art.” 


My creative work in acrylics is largely expressionistic. I have conjured a series inspired by Hopper and another by Van Gogh, two music series (one in acrylics and another in pen and ink), a series called Enamorado con Amor (In Love with Love), and various depictions from our travels all over Europe including our extensive stays in Rome, Paris, Valencia, Holland, and multiple cities in Poland. Some of these are in watercolor, others in pen and ink in addition to acrylics.   I trained with Bua, New Masters Academy, Darrel Tank, the Corcoran, the Spanish artist Teresa Ruiz de Lobera and others, although I am largely self-taught.


I also use watercolor and pen and ink.   I use both hands simultaneously to create the pen and ink drawings.   I do music drawings in the audience, creating impressions of people, instruments and space.  My art is in collections in Europe, US, New Zealand and elsewhere.


Some works have direct links so you can pay via PayPal.  For additional information see To Purchase.   Otherwise contact me directly or Saatchi.   If you purchase through Saatchi and ship and bill within the US, you can get financing. 

Biergarten in Minden
Biergarten in Minden, one of my latest paintings

For further information https://garyjkirkpatrick.com/biergarten-in-minden/

port of own self in indiana jones hat 2 acrylics small
Self-Portrait in Leather Hat

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