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Welcome to my art and travel blog.

After working my way through college I married a Europhile. For the next 15 years we visited museums in all the major capitals. I fell in love with the Impressionists at the Orsay and Monet at Giverny. I was standing on a staircase in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I glanced over my shoulder. His message, before that a bit of frenzy, came into focus and my admiration has never faded.

Rome for a year – a living museum. Antiquities, Borghese Gallery, Bernini, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Artemisi, just to name a few. Several months in Paris in the 3rd, a short bike ride from the Louvre. I went most days. The Picasso Museum was around the corner.

Since then, another long sojourn in Paris and extended periods in Valencia. Drawing every day for hours, on the streets, in the museums, at concerts. The online art world arrived. I studied with various artists. Bua. Steve Huston and others at New Masters and Academy. I studied one on one with Teresa Ruiz de Lobera in Valencia, Spain, learning more about expressionist painting.

I continue to explore the world of artistic expression, searching for how I can contribute to a dialogue that began 50,000 years ago by artists painting in caves.

Pianist Singer Ballerina
Pianist, Singer, Ballerina

Paintings can be purchased directly from me or via Saatachi Art. Purchase information

I have coined the term “Symbolic Expressionism,” to categorize most of my paintings. There are abstract and realistic elements in the paintings. Both the Edward Hopper inspired series and Van Gogh’s World are in this style. The earlier Amor series is more straight forwardly expressionistic. The Poland and the Netherlands watercolors are from travels, and are more realistic.

I live in and still travel extensively in Europe, including by own boat. The blog section mostly covers aspects of these travels.

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