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You can view several series of paintings on my website. The Hopper inspired series are in a style I term “Symbolic Expressionism.” I do not set out with symbols in mind, they appear as if on their own. For example you will see many orange haired women in various poses. I am not seeking them as symbols but as artistic devices. The forms create motion and the orange and other colors create interest and contrast. But they suggest something deeper. Similarly with Van Gogh’s world. Amor is another series, earlier and more straight forwardly expressionistic. Poland and the Netherlands are from travels, and are more realistic in style.

Paintings can be purchased directly from me or via Saatachi Art. Purchase information

I live in and travel extensively in Europe, including by own boat. The blog section mostly covers aspects of these travels.

For art Art. For travel posts Travel blog Video slide shows of my more recent works are below

Watercolors from our summer travels in Netherlands, Belgium and France aboard our boat Viking

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