Loving Vincent – Pictures of his life

Van Gogh As Young Man, pencil

“Loving Vincent” is a flick about Vincent Van Gogh made entirely of paintings done in his thick paint, swirly, expressive style.  There are 65,000 paintings in all, each done on glass plates.  The plates were first placed before the filmed of the costumed cast members, reducing drawing time dramatically, and making it possible to make … Read moreLoving Vincent – Pictures of his life

Here we are in Vilnius

After a few days in the Latvian countryside, Kuldiga being of most interest, we hopped the bus taking us from Riga to Vilnius, the only Baltic republic we have yet to visit.  It’s a four-hour drive in the cold gray weather through flat, unremarkable countryside.  A few days later I had to make a return … Read moreHere we are in Vilnius

Riga, Latvia- the week in review

October 19, 2017 We are hours away from leaving.  There is a special city filled with a special people, who threw off the yoke of Soviet rule, after having been invaded by the Nazis then crushed by the Soviet system, with just 20 years of freedom between the wars.  Before that it was the Russia … Read moreRiga, Latvia- the week in review

Dining in Stockholm

Here’s another cuisine surprise – Swedish is more than meatballs and pickled herring.  And even these plebeian offerings are delightfully presented.                     The cuisine centers around sour cream and other cultured dairy products.  The grocery stores packed huge blocks of cheese and rows and rows of … Read moreDining in Stockholm

The Treasures of Stockholm

Just a two hour flight from St Petersburg and an hour to Riga, Stockholm is built upon a scad of islands (17 in all) with a wealth of architecture set against a slew of harbors, lakes and canals, with much fine exterior decor as well as art, history and more in its many museums.  The … Read moreThe Treasures of Stockholm

Art Nouveau architecture in Riga, capitol of Latvia

October 13, 2017 The main style of building in Riga is Art Nouveau.  There are more buildings in this style in Riga than anywhere in the world, making Riga a major destination for aficionados of the style.  Here are some excellent examples of what you can see here.  I’ll be posting more of both exteriors and … Read moreArt Nouveau architecture in Riga, capitol of Latvia

Animations of paintings hanging in the Errata Museum (Contemporary Art, St Petersburg Russia)

Vladimir Kara-Murza detail

These are fun and creative animations of paintings hanging in the Errata Museum (Contemporary Art, St Petersburg Russia) which we visited recently.  You see about several paintings.  The second is an installation, not an animation.    Enjoy!!