Art from our boat

Hasselt, NL
Sneek Waterpoort, NL
Viking at Geldese Hout Bridge, NL
Delft, NL
Kopplesport, NL
Heeg and Woudsen Island
Koppelsport, NL
The Batavia
Geithoorn, NL
Giethoorn, NL
Delft, NL, Nieuw Kerk
Hoorn, NL- train still runs
Munster Germany, Cathedral
Brandernburg, Germany
Bulstringen, Germany

4 thoughts on “Art from our boat”

  1. Thanks for posting. I love your work. Many of these drawings bring back fond memories.

  2. You have so much talent. Even tho these works are all the same medium, there is such variety as you capture different shapes and forms. I think I like the Munster Cathedral best, tho it’s hard to choose.


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