Art People and portraits

On the Terraza, acrylics

On the Terraza, 23 x 30″, 57 x 75 cm in acrylics on Canson paper

Looking through the double glass doors, the terraza stetches about 10 meters along the street 5 floors below. The sun hits portions of the walls and floor of this outdoor area. A neighbor looks on.


A Bakery in Petxina

An ode to Manet

This scene is based upon our local bakery, and inspired by Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère. Petxina (pronounced ‘Pechina’) is a neighborhood of Valencia. The bakery is around the corner from us.

Art People and portraits

Avec Ma Fille a Paris


Avec Ma Fille a Paris, With My Daughter in Paris. At Notre Dame

Avec Ma Fille
Art Van Gogh's World

In a van Gogh Field

Acrylics on Arches, 57 x 76 cm, 22.5 x 30”

This adds to my series of paintings echoing Van Gogh.  The lark makes an appearance in the scrumbly, swilley sky as brightly dressed visitors head for the field.



For sale via  Design Art Concepts.   
Art Music related work

Tubas at the Palau, acrylics

Tubas at the Palau, acrylics, 57 x 76 cm, 22.5″ x 30″ Arches paper

This is another in a series of paintings based on pen and ink drawings done at the Palau de la Musica.   There are normally tuba and contrabass sections of these symphonic bands.   

tubas sm
The original drawing. Contact me for availability
Art People and portraits

At the Bakery

There is an excellent bakery just around the corner from our place in Valencia.  A friendly young woman frequently serves us.  So I got the idea of putting her into a scene like Monet’s Bar at the Folies scene.  This is what I have done here.  I consider this a study for a larger piece.  


At The Bakery, acrylics, 30 x 40 cm/11.8 x 15.7″

Art People and portraits

From the Banister

“From the Banister” acrylic painting


From the Banister, acrylics on paper, 11.5 x 16.5″, 30 cm x 40 cm


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Prints from $35

Art People and portraits

Close up

Close Up, acrylics,
Close Up, acrylics, 40 x 30, 16.5 x 11.25″

We move in on the eye, it’s shimmering reflections, fluidity, how it conveys awareness.

Art People and portraits

Egyptian Woman

Art Hopper inspired People and portraits

Peg in Scene from ‘Water’

I took a scene from The Shape of Water and placed fantasy images of my wife into the scene.  It’s moody yet comforting simultaneously.  

Peg in a Hopper Scene,
Peg in a Hopper Scene, 11.5*16.5′, 30*42 cm acrylics on paper.  SOLD