Everything needs to change, so everything can stay the same.

April 27, 2019   In 1956 the Sicilian Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa wrote a novel called Il Gattopardo, The Leopard.  It was published in 1958, after his death.  The book won the 1959 Strega Prize, Italy’s highest award for fiction.  In 2012 the Observor named the book one of the best 10 historical novels.   It’s … Read moreEverything needs to change, so everything can stay the same.

The Greek Temples of Selinunte

March 31, 2019   On the coast just 20km from my ancestral town of Partanna and 50km from the port of  Marsala you find the archaeological area called Selinunte.  http://selinunte.gov.it/ It dates from 450 BCE.  It has some of the finest Greek ruins anywhere.        Selinunte was a moderately-sized town, surprising given the … Read moreThe Greek Temples of Selinunte

The Ancestral Towns

March 31, 2018 My grandparents were born in the small towns of Partanna and Santa Ninfa, emigrating to the US in 1914-15.  I am the first time on the US side anyone has visited these places.   The two are in the province of Trapanni between the cities of Trapanni and Marsala but inland, and … Read moreThe Ancestral Towns

Rome Struggles, Rome Beckons

View From Castle San Angelo

Rome Struggles, Rome Beckons We landed in Rome’s Ciampino airport.  We are barely on the ground and already Rome’s disarray hit us.   The last time we landed here there was only one bus to Termini, Rome’s central transit point.  We presumed that was still the case when we bought our tickets from the vendor in Valencia’s … Read moreRome Struggles, Rome Beckons