Pareja: Enamorado con Amor (Couple: In Love With Love) II

I continue the exploration of couples expressing affection.  Here the image is the same as the first, but the treatment varies, and it is on paper versus wood, so the interaction between paint, medium a base offers additional variations.   “My favorite is Enamorado con Amor II  Couple in Love with Love. You can feel  the … Read morePareja: Enamorado con Amor (Couple: In Love With Love) II

Vaughntown: spend a week in Spain at a nice resort for free

Vaughntown: spend a week in Spain at a nice resort for free   I spent a week just outside Segovia talking to Spanish people in English.  Aside from transportation and overnight stays in Madrid, the whole week’ room and board were free.  Only native English speakers can apply for these positions. In our group, there … Read moreVaughntown: spend a week in Spain at a nice resort for free

ADATA Announces New bi-lateral “Cabana Turistica”

ADATA, an alliance of ecological groups in the Chiriqui Highlands, in the western part of Panama, has opened a “Cabana Turistica” near Rio Sereno (the Serene River), a small town on the border with Costa Rica and on the edge of the Biological Corridor.  The Biological Corridor runs between South America and Canada. The cabin … Read moreADATA Announces New bi-lateral “Cabana Turistica”

Back to Rome, 8/1999

Stromboli Quiet, empty Rome Stautary at the Villa Borghese The eclipse in Rome La Madonna del Divino Amore Bracciano Countryside inside Rome Ladispoli Casina delle Civette Montecitorio Everyman, the morality play Music under the stars Rome returns New discoveries at the Forum Another visit to Caferelli Park Back to Rome 8/03/99 Stromboli Modica Bassa has … Read moreBack to Rome, 8/1999

Sicliy, Part 2 July 1999

Figs everywhere, and all to eat. General observations Sicily, cont’d “They [the Sicilians] built as if they would live forever, and ate as if they would die tomorrow.” 7/26?27/99 Pozallo To Pozzallo, another of the beach towns reached by driving through the khaki countryside in the khaki Renault.  This road, like most in the area, … Read moreSicliy, Part 2 July 1999