44,000 year old cave paintings

December 18, 2019 The oldest form of communication that reaches us from ancient man comes from artists.  The oldest drawing, found on a rock in South Africa last year, is some 73,000 years old.  In Germany there is a 40,000-year-old sculpture of a human with lion’s head.  In France, a 14,000- to 21,000-year old mural … Read more44,000 year old cave paintings

Festival Internacional de Mediometrajes (short films) 2019 in Valencia

The Festival Internacional de Mediometrajes (Short Films) is an annual event in Valencia. This year the venue was the historical Centre Cultural de la Nau on the campus of the Universidad de Valencia and at the Filomteca. The former is an impressive building with a large courtyard where they seated hundreds and it where we … Read moreFestival Internacional de Mediometrajes (short films) 2019 in Valencia

St Nicolas Church of Piraeus

The lovely St Nicolas Church of Piraeus was finished around 1900.  It stands near the main harbor in Piraeus, the port city next to Athens from which many ferries depart for the multitude of Greek islands.   Of the Greek Orthodox churches we have seen, it comes closest to the magnificent Orthodox churches we saw in … Read moreSt Nicolas Church of Piraeus

On Greek cuisine

  I am impressed with what’s on offer in Greece, both the raw ingredients and prepared foods either in restaurants or in the grocery stores.   Commonly used spices  include allspice, cardamon, cloves, coriander, mahlab, mastic (also an after dinner drink), nutmeg, saffron, and sumac.  I suggest you forget about ordering moussaka and pastitsio while here … Read moreOn Greek cuisine

A bit of the history of the Acropolis

  The Acropolis overlooks Athens on a limestone outcropping providing great views of the city and  inspiring views of the temples from below, the Parthenon being the most prominent.   Its defensive properties no doubt appealed to early inhabitants.  Evidence of their interest dates to the 4th millennium BCE.  The Mycenaean Megaron palace was probably built here … Read moreA bit of the history of the Acropolis

Churches of Thessaloniki: Panagia Archiropiitos

September 2019 Panagia (Mary) Archiropiitos might be named after a icon of Panagia Hodegetria said to have miraculously appeared.  Archiropiitos means ‘not made by hands.’   The church dates from the 5th century.   It is a basilica, meaning it has a center aisle flanked by a side aisle on each side (some basilicas have two side … Read moreChurches of Thessaloniki: Panagia Archiropiitos

Churches of Thessaloniki: Agia Sofia

  The Agia Sophia dates from the 8th century and is modeled after the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (4th century), also still standing. Photos by Peg.            The Ascension is shown in the dome.   The church was converted into a mosque after the city’s absorption into the Ottoman Empire in … Read moreChurches of Thessaloniki: Agia Sofia