Fallas 2017 slideshow of the sculptures

March 2017

Fallas is an annual festival famous for it’s wonderful statues, called “fallas,”  magnificent mascletas (daytime thunderworks) and fireworks (at night), marching bands by the hundreds and the women who march with them in traditional silk dresses, as well as sound and light shows.

Here is my slide show of photos from Fallas 2017, set to Himno de Fallero, Hymm of the Fallero (member of the local organizations that make Fallas happen).



Ninots (small Fallas sculptures) 2017

March 2017

This slide show is from photos I took at the Science Museum exhibit in Valencia.  There are thousands of these small sculptures (usually about a meter in height but sometimes higher).  There are two that skewer Trump.  Next year I expect many more, as most of these were begun well before the election.  These amazing sculptures employ hundreds and hundreds of artists here.  The large sculptures range up to 25 meters/80′ in height.  They all display great imagination and ability! Enjoy!

Fallas Valencia 2017, Mascletà Vertical

Here are two videos of the amazing opening act of Fallas 2017.  Fallas is Valencia’s annual festival, an Unesco heritage event.  There are hundreds of sculptures 25 meters in height and thousands of smaller ones.  There is a mascleta – fireworks without much light-  every day at 2pm, and fireworks at night that are not just literally over the top.  This one featured a first-  50 meter/ 165′ vertical firework trees.  Amazing!  The first of those below is mine and is just two minutes, the second is professionally done and is about 10 minutes.