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Portrait of Peg

Peg, 2017 digital, from scratch
Peg, 2017 digital, from scratch

This is my wife Peg.  We’ve been married for 35 years.  She still has that great smile, a window into who she is.

I’ve been learning how to use a Wacom table to draw and paint.  This is my second portrait. I am using the tablet with GNU editor.  I am not copying, just drawing and painting, creating colors of my own.  



By Gary Kirkpatrick

Artist and travel blogger.

4 replies on “Portrait of Peg”

Wacom Tablet! I had to look it up! Very interesting and great results – and for sure Peg has a winning smile.

Gary, I took the time today to seriously look over your recent work. I am thrilled to see the quality of your portaits. The character of the individual clearly comes through, largely because you have mastered the eyes. Portaits of Peg in red (done on wacom tablet!), recent self portait also in red, and several portaits of women and girls. Very detailed facial expression, mood. Also love the series with large, bold swaths of color in the backgrounds. I don’t enjoy your Trump stuff at all (not that I disagree with you). I realize it’s just your frustration at what’s going on, but he’s not worth your time, energy and talent. Your talent is in beautifully expressing the joy of life, relationships, community. Positivity. His day will pass. The enduring values your art express are eternal. Jan

Thanks, Jan! I agree, eyes are key. The Trump pieces also are an outlet for my irony, my humor. I understand that some people just do not want to be reminded of him, others (there are a few supporters in my crowd) do not like my digs.

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