Into the Night Sky

Into the Night Sky, acrylics on paper, 30 x 40, 11.25 x 16.5

From the story of Julio and Alicia in El Gran Hotel. The story takes place in turn of the century Spain. Julio looks for his missing sister at the Hotel, finding work as a waiter. He finds a sympathetic ear in Alicia, who is forced to wed a crooked partner of her parents. In the ethos of the time Alicia must not wed below her status as a well to do heiress. She finds this secret room in the hotel, hidden between two guest suites. Here they meet. I did a version in chiaroscuro here

2 thoughts on “Into the Night Sky”

  1. Love so many things about this – the unexpectedly stark, crisp woodwork of the windows, the unexpected color of the curtains, the flesh tones of the bodies, the deep deep deepness of the starlit sky. The only, only thing I don’t care for is the bedclothes – too white and snowdrift-like?? sort of jarring,anyway. But that’s just me.

    • Another viewer mentioned the same thing. I played that up purposely because I like things jumping out at me. Understandable if some do not. The reference is rather brilliant as well so I went with it. It is not quite so bright in person.


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