In Eemdijk, a small town

May 29, 2019


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We have been on Viking for almost a month, making necessary repairs, learning how things work, making it more comfortable for us, going through the previous owner’s tools, nuts, bolts screws, spare parts and so on.  We also had some painting to do.  Our Dutch friend painted the upper deck for us.  His 50 years of experience of steel boat ownership has been really helpful, not just on the painting but a lot of other matters as well.  His wife Ada knows a lot too, and helped us recover our mooring skills.  In our first boat we traveled over 2000 kilometers between Holland, Belgium and France but that was 18 years ago.  We went through hundreds of locks, docked a thousand times or more, but still, you get rusty. 


We left Weesp and turned south to the Eem River.  This is where we met Kees and Ada on our second night out in Caprice in 2000.  That mooring is gone as Eemdijk has grown and looks more prosperous.  There is another mooring a bit further upriver so we moored there.  There are fields and a bike path on one side and a prosperous farm on the other.  A friendly boater helped with the lines, but left later so we spent the night alone under the stars in the relentless Dutch wind.


Hand cranked ferry on a canal off the Eem River
Quite a few rowers pass by
A bike ride into the wind to Eembrugge, a few kilometers on a bike path
We saw this on the Vecht. The Dutch get on anything that floats


There are numerous bikers and some walkers as well.  If you go to Eemdijk you can take a small ferry across the river into town.  That ferry was not here in 2000. 

Today we leave for Edam, on the IJsselmeer.  This inland sea is rather like Lake Pontchatrain.  It can get rough, but you pick your weather.  It should be flat today.   



6 thoughts on “In Eemdijk, a small town”

  1. Sounds like quite an adventure. You included a phoiti of a curious-looking (meat?) pie but you did not identify it. Please do.

    • The photo you refer to included applegebak mit slagroom – apple pie with whipped cream, a popular treat. In front of Peg is a croissant with seeds. Mighty good!


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