Fallas 2024 rocks on

Starting March 1 each year, Fallas is an annual celebration of renewal, a kind of out with the old and in with the new, clean out the shop and closet to create something out of scrap. Well that’s the way it began, morphing into an over the top celebration of, well, pretty much whatever you want, most using a wood/foam construction to create these gravity defying sculptures as well as the smaller ones, called Ninots which largely target children. Photos below the videos.

For an explanation of what this World Heritage event is all about, see Fallas- what it’s all about

Here is a link to the midnight fireworks of March 17, in the City of Arts section of Valencia

Here is March 17th mascleta at 2 pm at the main square

rusafa fallas 2
In the Rusafa neighborhood of Valencia.

Huge numbers of people arrive from all over Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. It is a family centered event. Kids as well as adults participate in just about everything. There are food trucks and cocktail stands galore, with very little drunkenness especially considering the numbers. It is loud, with firecrackers readily available and employed even by the smallest of children, generally following the requirements of adult supervision and training for members of the Casals, the clubs that organize the sculpture production and doa lot of the partying as well as sponsoring the Fallera Mayor and Fallera Infantil, the adult and child queens of the entire event.

rusafa fallas 5
lights in rusafa 1
A good time in the lights of the Rusafa neighborhood
The Fallas Pilar in construction, going on to place third in the Special Classs (the biggest sculptures)
Pilar 1
We watched them add pieces to the Pilar Fallas
Pilar 2

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