American Artists Exhibit in Valencia

Eight American artists, including me, are participating in an exhibit from March 1-6 at Bloom Gallery in Valencia. The opening is March 1 at 1930h (7:30 pm). For those who live here, hope to see you there!

announcement show

Each artist will exhibit two pieces. Mine are:

pianist singer final
Pianist Singer Ballerina 2, acrylics on canvas, 100 x 73cm/ 40 x 29″



Croquis Cafe 57 x 76 cm, 22.5 x 30” acrylics

2 thoughts on “American Artists Exhibit in Valencia”

  1. Great to see the news of the exhibit. If the choice of what you chose to exhibit had been left to me, I might’ve chosen two things other than the two you chose, but I like so much of your work that it would be an unwelcome task to be force to choose just two! Anyway, congrats on the exhibition, and I hope many people get to see your work (and the unexhibted samples of your work that are one your website).

    • It was a hard choice for me. Pianist 2 just jumps off the wall so that one won out, and Croquis Cafe is a personal favorite. I eschewed all the more realistic ones for practical reasons. It would be interesting to see which ones you would choose.


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