To Trieste, Part II

July 31, 2014


Somehow we ended up with seats in the first row, as they were still available when we checked in online just a day or two before the flight.  The seats were wide, comfortable, and there was plenty of legroom.  Alitalia and Ryan Air are a world apart.  In less than an hour we passed over Venice on the way to the northeast section of Italy on the Adriatic coastline Trieste is a port town and the bus drivers all learned from Mario Andretti, even the ones who take you to the planes on the tarmac.  The ones at the Trieste airport even leave early to get a head start, which in our case meant they left us standing just meters away.  Another Andretti came in half an hour.

The central bus station is on the water, but we went the other way looking for lunch.  We found a mom and pop place and shared ravioli stuffed with some sort of fish, with a tomato sauce.  I’d never had a fish ravioli before.  We shared a plate of mixed contorni, which are vegetables that come on the side of any meat or fish dish.  We got some of the local white from the spigot behind the bar.  Oh, and here in Italy, you can still buy wine in bulk.  BYO Bottle.  It’s good, it’s inexpensive, and it’s labeled in some detail.  The restaurant we ate in last night had about 6 huge vats, several filled with the local wine from the Colli Albani, best for white but good with reds too.

That lunch cost us about 20 euros, with a large carafe of the local.  Somehow it did not make me woozy and we made our way to the bus stop, up the hill to our street, well, past our street, and so we were asking the locals how to find our destination.  Two of two answers matched and we were at the door.  A kind and tiny woman came to get us.

It’s not a super old building but the elevator needs a key to operate so you have to come down to allow your guests to avoid the 5 long flights up the stairs.  It is the tiniest elevator you can find, and it’s screwed onto the outside of the building so you have a view as you ascend, not that I could turn to see it as our lovely greeter came in with us and our bags.  I survived the claustrophobic moment and gladly I was not connected to a blood pressure monitor.

Next-  our place for the next month.


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