Short video of Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Valencia

This is a video of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento taken from the Realto, which shows second run movies and also live theatre productions.  They have a fabulous location, as you can see.

plaza ayuntamiento valencia feb 2011

If the video does not play the first time, try again.  Following the link from the email it took three tries before it played.  Not sure why this happens.  I can email it to you.  It is only 7 megs or so.  I compressed it into an avi.  To play a copy I email, you will need the codecs, if you don’t have them already.  To do so I suggest you download VLC media player.   Search for VLC and choose your platform, Linux, Windows, or Mac.  It is an excellent player.  I use it for everything.  It is free and it includes codecs for everything I have ever played.

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