Neat Spanish Poster Art from the 1920’s (photos)IM

March 28, 2016

MUVIM (Valencian Museum of Modernity and Illustration) is now exhibiting poster art, some paintings and a few old films of the era, starting in the 1920’s.  Spain suffered through a civil war from 1936-39.  Fatalities numbered in the 400.000 range, with another 200,000 murdered by Franco’s Falangists after the war, and atrocities by both sides during the war.  Some of the art refers to this period.  Other pieces advertise Valencia’s annual summer fair, Fallas (the annual carnival in March of each year) and other events.

The first one below refers to Valencia’s annual summer fair, the second to Fallas, the annual carnival that takes place in March each year; you can see the fire burning the statue (red area).

Advertising Fallas




Defeating fascism
Encouraging people to open their homes to evacuees

IMG_20160327_181432 IMG_20160327_183924



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