Giovanni Battista Tiepolo at the Civico Museo Sartorio

August 14, 2014

We visited the Civico Museo Sartorio this week.  It’s on the other side of Trieste but certainly walkable for us.  It is another mansion owned by a wealthy family that now holds the family’s collections, furniture with plenty of room for exhibits.  The mansion is huge, at least 4 stories and I bet there’s a hundred rooms.

The Sartorio family lived there from 1775 until Anna Segrè Sartorio donated the property to Trieste, requesting that it become a museum.   The Allies made it their headquarters after WW2 until around 1953.  The city renovated afterwards.  Stunning floors and ceilings, endless displays of ceramics, and portraits that went on and on.

The special exhibit displayed the drawings of Giovanni Batista Tiepolo, an amazing artist whose vast out of drawings and paintings make him one of the worlds best albeit less known.  .  He died in 1770.  Here’s one of his drawings.  Many of the ones we saw were done in ink.  They’ve been restored, having been found in bad condition.  The ink was acidic and had to be neutralized, and the backings removed and replaced.  This is quite an extensive collection.

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