From Boca Brava


Boca Brava-  there be whales nearby in quantity!   We are here for the second time.  About 3 and a bit years ago  the Peace Corps regional leader, a wonderful young woman named Abby (now a PC volunteer in Ecuador), organized a regional meeting here.  It is just as lovely now as then.  The hotel sits on the corner of a small island a short boat ride from the mainland.  It’s a bit of a drive from the highway but the boat ride is less than 10 minutes.

Our trip yesterday went smoothly.  There’s a guy at the hotel who’s given us lifts before in his rattletrap.  He got us to the main bus station.  The bus took us to Santiago in Veraguas and we hopped in a Thrifty rental car from there.

We head for the highlands today, so there is no time for whale watching.  Too bad.  In Boston about 15 years ago I went out and saw some of these wonderful creatures but Peg has never had the pleasure.

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