Day 2 of The Lockdown

We are up to around 10,000 cases in Spain with 500 deaths. Land borders are closed except to returning citizens and residents. China is sending materials and some experts. At least 19 dead in a nursing home in Madrid. Some 150 died in one day. The Health ministry says they can not test everyone that might be infected. Now there are 500 deaths.

The Spanish government expected to approve a moratorium on mortgage payments for those effected by the pandemic.   See in Spanish


Grocery stores have slightly reduced hours and limit the number of people at one time. Lidl limits entrance to one per family. In some they limit the number of identical articles you can purchase.

Starts at hour 11 eight minutes

Peg writes: The City falla was being assembled when Fallas was cancelled.  This morning it was burned.  The video is 11 hours long because no one knew when the burning would take place – the officials did not want a crowd to assemble.   Apparently, it was at about 4 a.m. this morning. 

The main part of the falla was Ayto, a woman seated in a Lotus position.  On the left side of her torso you see her head still on the pavement.  You can see that the artistas falleros added a surgical mask on the day Fallas was cancelled. 

The fire actually starts at about 11:08 on the video.  It is a pretty good representation of how they all burn on March 19, except that it took longer for the fire to start because it rained for a couple of hours before the burn. 

The burning is even sadder with the music playing, and there has been a constant stream of sad comments since the video was posted. 

Every night at 8 p.m. everyone opens their window or steps outside onto their terrace to clap for the health care workers who are working on everyone’s behalf.

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