Windmills of Zaandam

August 31, 2015

Zaandam windmills
Zaandam windmills
Zaandam was quite the industrial center and still there are two chocolate factories – we can smell the chocolate every day- and quite a number of other factories in the area.  The industrial revolution here was powered by windmills.  Most of them are gone- there were some 630 at the peak and there are 14 now.  Here are photos of a portion of what remains:
windmill2 windmills
In the above mill they sell flour that I assume they grind there.  They have some speciality flours such as spelt and pancake flour –  I am not sure what they mean by that.  At any rate, the Dutch eat both savory and sweet pancakes.  Here’s a shot of the interior.
Zaandam windmills  interior
Zaandam windmills interior

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