Videos of parades in downtown Valencia

This is a youtube video of a parade in downtown Valencia, Saturday March 6, 2010

The crowds are large and lively.  The bands are all playing the same song in all the marches, we do not know the title.

Earlier in the day we went to another event at a firestation.  There were demonstrations of dog handling, including a course where they had to climb a regular ladder about 7′ tall, walk through a tube then across another ladder, this one horizontal, which would seem to be very difficult for a dog to do but they had no problem.

The fireman gave rides on their tall booms reaching to a height of about 8 stories.  A fireman repelled from that height and another was going to repel from the 6 story practice building but had problems with his line.
Then there was yet another set of fireworks, again mostly for the noise.  The shock waves hit you full front and make your jacket compress a bit with each boom.

Today (Sunday) there were parades in our part of town, really competitions amongst the various falles who showed off their exhibits.   They mostly had to do with traditional activities like farming and fishing.  There was a Saint Vincent float (all these are really small scaled and mostly done with children) as well.   The teenage boy had on a monk’s suit and a bald spot on the back of his head.  I could have lent him mine!

A few days ago we watched this parade on St Vincent Martir:

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