Us in Brittany (a short video)

We spent four days in Brittany walking around Dinan, Lohan, Saint Malo and Dinard in July, 2011. Most of the images are from Dinan.  The weather was sunny but chilly, better than rainy and cold.  Dinan is a friendly feeling place, not entirely a tourist town, and we lodged here.  The Tudor architecture is a major attraction, although far from exclusive to the town or region.  Crepes (sweet) and galettes (also thin pancakes but whole wheat and savory) are a mainstay, as are moules frites (mussels with fries).  Our favorite restaurant was Licorne (means Unicorn), recommended by Rick Steves and you’ll see photos of our meal there.  They drink much more cider than wine.  We stayed in the center of the old town, surprisingly comfortable for an old place despite the steep, windy stairs, and quite enough except on the night before Bastille day.  Fireworks kept us awake a bit!

The countryside in the area is lushly green.  The river Rance runs through it and along we walked to Lohan.  You can see the abbey in the video slide show, made with “Imagination”.

Us in Dinan, Brittany, Celtic country in France

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