The medieval fair, the pillow fight

On the way back from the Museum of Modern Art – new exhibitions of Matta, sculptures of Degas, and the sculptures of Balasar Lobo, and more – we wandered through the old part of the old town called Carmen and into a medieval fair.

Medieval fair in Valencia, April 2011


Booths with candles, cakes and hand creams.  A roped off section of birds of prey including several owls.  Arabic themes- a belly dancer with two musicians walked through the narrow streets and tiny plaza; a camel or two riding youngsters on their backs.  Processions of ‘princesses’ on horseback.

Susan happened upon a pillow fight in the Plaza de la Virgen.  Huge pillows and big crowds, parents swatting children who swatted parents.  This was part of a health fair.

All this just a few blocks from the Wine and Food Fair.

I thought the weeks following Fallas would be boring.

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