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Tall Ships 2015:  Miniatures Paintings and Drawings

[Every 5 years 3-5 masted sailing ships, most of them training vessels, come to Amsterdam.  We sat on the side of the North Sea Canal where I sketched.  And ate pofertjes!  (Small pancakes).   Here are my drawings and paintings from that event.

 Tall Ships Parade to Amsterdam (miniature, acrylics and ink)
Tall Ships Parade to Amsterdam
Tall Ships Parade to Amsterdam

This is a miniature, about 2″ x 4″ in acrylics and ink.   The parade started at 10 am with local boats going up and down the North Sea Canal as they awaited the arrival of the Tall Ships.  They began to pass us around 1230 and the last one was around 5 pm.  There were 19 of those tall ships.  Here’s another depiction.

Tall Ships Color Sketch 2 (minature)

Tall Ship 2
Tall Ship 2

The locals in their boats trailed alongside the Tall Ships.  They numbed in the thousands!  The Dutch love boats and there are countless varieties.  Boating and biking are national favorites.


Arial photo of tall ships




Tall Ships Sketch 1 (Minature)
Tall Ships Sketch 1
Tall Ships Sketch 1

This is one of the pen and ink sketches I did along the banks of the North Sea Canal.

The Crowd (minature)
Crowd at Tall Ships 2015
Crowd at Tall Ships 2015
This is another miniature.  I also did this one on the banks of the North Sea Canal.  It was a friendly crowd.  They’d brought chairs, blankets and snacks.  People sitting next to us were quite friendly.  The pofertjes stand was real close!  We even found coffee; the Dutch make very good coffee.
Prices:  Pen and ink $25, acrylics $35 

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