Pianist, Singer, Ballerina

Pianist, Dance, SInger dones picanya final
Pianist, Singer, Ballerina, acrylics on canvas, 1.5 x 1.3m/5′ x 4′

This expressionistic piece combines imaginative and realistic elements such as we see in the dancer, from the performer’s point of view. The stained glass look continues, muted in the dark theater as is the audience. It’s about the challenges of cooperative performance. Without an audience there is no performance.

Light and dark interplay. Shafts of light downpour, adding to the pressure. The spotlight’s on you. Do it. There is one escape: that open door. But to get there you are judged more harshly.

Last year’s event here Dones de Picanya 2023 and 2022 here Dones de Picanya 2022

Lidereses- Live Your Dreams, painting for Spain’s Woman’s Day

The annual Day of the Woman is March 3. In Picanya, a small town on the outskirts of Valencia, the Dones de Picanya (Valencino for The Women of Picanya) organize an annual street art event. My contribution is called Lidereses, Women Leaders, consists of five paintings of women engaged in leadership activities.

When I was young there was little information about potential careers. At that time, women became mothers, teachers or nurses. There were very few doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc. You have to talk to young people, especially girls, about the opportunities that can be their’s. You start with a dream. I want to be this or that. Then you learn about what it takes to become what you want to be.

with Nuria at Dones de Picanya
With Nuria in Picanya. She appears in the lower right painting.

Last year’s contribution, Live Your Dreams, is here https://garyjkirkpatrick.com/live-your-dreams-art-on-the-street-fair-in-valencia/