Noyon: Charlemagne crowned, Joan of Arc fought

Noyon was founded as Noviomagus by the Galls (Celts), the name meaning “New Field” or “Market.” It was later changed to Noviomum under the Romans, morphing into Noyon. It has a fabulous 105 meter long early Gothic church (and former cathedral). In the Romanesque cathedral which once stood on the same site before it burned in 1131, Charlemagne was crowned as co-King of the Franks in 768. Hugh Capet was crowned here as well, as the first Capetian king, in 987. See Joan of Arc fought the British here, at the Somme River. The Maire (City Hall) is a superbly restored Gothic structure, suffering significant WWI damage.

Maire (City Hall), Noyon. Monument notes the crowning of Charlemagne
Note of visits by Charlemagne and others
joan arc church
Joan of Arc chapel
stained glass noyon
12th century stained glass, Noyon Cathedral

The Treaty of Noyon (1516) ended the War of the League of Cambrai, part of the Italian wars. As part of the Italian war most of the town was burned in 1557 by Phillip II.

British dead
Monument to British WWI dead

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