Moros and Cristianos and Street Fair (videos)

This week was the Festival of the Moros y Cristianos in Valencia.  This festival is mostly limited to this province (Valencia is the name of the city as well as of the province) although there are some events in Andalusia.  It commemorates the Reconquista, the struggle against the Moors that lasted between 800 and 1492.

This video takes place in front of the Torres Serrano.  It was followed by a drama about the Reconquista in Valenciano, not Spanish, so we did not understand too much.  I really like the music.  There are two very nice bars in this plaza, whose outdoor seating is often filled with locals and tourists alike.

This second video was taken at a street festival the next day.  The Moors Dance shows a belly dancer entertaining the crowd.  The street entertainers for the festivals are either volunteers or as in this case, professionals.  Professionals are often paid by the government and do not work the crowd for tips.

A day or so later there was a short parade followed by some very impressive fireworks at 2 p.m.  Here’s the parade:

Here is the firework video.  This is called a Mescleta.

 Turn up the volume!!



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