Morelia, Mexico Part II

Last night, we went to a performance that is part of a three-day modern choreography workshop going on here.  Young choreographers from all over Mexico have brought their students to present certain dances.  There are 6 1-hour performances over three days, in two theatres.  Last night, we went to a sort of “black-box” theatre – audience on all four sides.  Two VERY interesting pieces, one good performance but too long, and one only fair.  The presentations are free, of course.  I actually had sort of a Spanish conversation with the couple behind us in line.  Her daughter is a dance major who is working for the presenting organization as part of her practical experience.
We ae in the middle of a three-day Modern Choreography workshop here.  Two 1-hour performances a night for three nights.  We missed the first one last night, but went to the second one, which was four dances.  Very modern, but not “pop” – no rap music type choreography.  The choreography is by teachers in dance schools across Mexico, who have brought their students to the workshop.  By far, the audience members looked to be between 18 and 20 years old.  Interestingly enough, at least 60% were guys.  Quite different that I would expect in the States, although perhaps I’m thinking more about classic ballet.  I can’t remember going to a modern dance workshop in the States.  I didn’t go to any dance performances when we were in Gainesville.  Maybe there are more guys there than I would expect.

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