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During a summer in Rome I spent many hours doing pen and ink drawings of some of the most fabulous and sculptures.  Here are a few.

The Boxer at Rest, pen and ink

This magnificent piece was discovered in 1885 at the Quirinali Palace, one of two unrelated sculptures carefully buried there and discovered within a month of one another.    The wiki tells you more 

Boxer at Rest wiki









Ludovis Gaul

This is a stunning sculpture at Palazzo Altemps.  It is a Roman copy done in the 2nd century of a Greek sculpture dating to  230-20 BCE.  

Gaul wiki







Sarcophagus of the Spouses is an  amazing terra cotta sculpture dates from circa 600 BCE.  It is in Villa Giulia, itself worthy of a visit.  It was found in 450 pieces and reassembled.  It’s a must see!  

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And of course there are many fabulous views throughout Rome.


Foro Cesare from Vittorio Emanuele

If you are interested in purchasing these drawings or prints of them, please get in touch.  

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