Marie Laurencin: Enchanting Poses

Marie Laurencin, Enchanting Poses


Marie Laurencin 1883-1956 Paris


Marie began her art career studying porcelain painting in Sevres, then went to Academie Humbert, where she became a painter.  She exhibited at the Salon des Independents and the Salon d’ Automne in the early 1910’s.  In the 1920’s she was an important member of the avant guarde.  Picasso was among her cohorts.  She was a known bi-sexual, thus perhaps explaining some of her choices for subjects.  She married a German, Baron Otto von Waëtjen, and lived in Spain with him during WW1.  They divorced after the war.  She was successful selling her art in the 20’s but the depression hit her business hard.  In the 30’s she taught art.

Some o her  paintings have an ethereal quality.  The pastel like presentation as seen in this example is typical of this style, as is the subject matter, beautiful young girls in leisure.

Marie Laurencin
Marie Laurencin, enchanting painter  


She also painted in the Cubist style, and was also friends with Braque.  Many of her works are now at a museum dedicated to her in Nagano Prefecture, Japan


Pablo Picasso by Laurencin
Pablo Picasso by Laurencin




Spanish Dancers, Laurencin
Spanish Dancers, Laurencin

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