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September, 2019
We were in Peace Corps Panama 2009-10.  We worked with coffee producers.  Some were using organic methods, switching after deeming chemicals too toxic for workers and the environment.  One, Lito Lezcano, developed organic products to fertilize and fumigate the plants, which were shade grown under platanos and other trees.  One of the things we did was search for a better outlet for Lito’s product and anyone else who cared to participate.  Peggy was talking to another volunteer one day, mentioned this effort and he and his wife in fact were planning to import Panamanian coffee into their Vermont store.  In fact they did and we bought some once when we passed by, and we stayed in their house a few nights while they were gone. 


Lately Lito began selling directly to the public.  His product is called Cafe Don Lito, and is some of the finest I have ever had, and that’s going some, as I have lived in Italy, Spain, France and other European countries I consider to have the finest products. 
Photo of their ad shot, my comments on Instagram and their reply in English.  



Don Lito was interviewed on Panamanian Television


Don Lito interviewed





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