Kings Day Parade Photos

On January 5th we happened across the King’s Day (Epiphany) parade.  This is a celebration of the arrival of the three kings to the baby Jesus scene in Bethlehem.  This is the day of gift giving here in Spain.

The parade included jugglers, acrobats from the circus, and many people in middle eastern costumes of various sorts.  Minnie, Mickey, Donald and the like also made appearances for some reason.  The big attraction is all the candy and things the paraders heave as they pass by.  The kids had a blast.  We shared our space with 4-5 of them who otherwise would ahve been a little less well located.

One piece of candy landed on my hat and another in my elbow.  As you can see you did not have to try hard if you had a good location.  We did, at a Starbucks table.  We got some coffee from elsewhere as there was no table service.  I almost lost 15 euros as she gave me change for a 5 not at 20!

Select photos are here:







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