Hola di Roma

September 29, 2015

We flew from Istanbul to Rome.  We’ve rented an apartment on Tiburtina.  We are a few steps from a Sicilian bakery, several pizza al talgio (sold by weight) places, tavola calda-  ‘hot tables’ meaning you order from the glass case and they weigh and bring it to you, a good and expensive way to eat out.  There are restaurants, including a highly rated modestly priced one down the street, and there’s Picolo Molisi right next to it.  P.M. is a well known fish restaurant we’ve been to several times.  I never knew exactly where it was, having gone there by car only via lots of one way streets.  It’s hard to find, too, because there is only a very tiny sign on the side street.

We’ve got a bar downstairs.  It’s full of coffee clatchers and every other imaginable type of person.  There’s a post office, three grocery stores within a five minute walk.  Termini, the main train station, is just 10 minutes or so walking.  We have two buses and down the street a bit is the tram that takes you to San Giovane and out to Pigneto.


Visit to the bar at Doria Pamphili, a drawing of a Cardinal, probably somebody in the Pamphili family.


Cardinal Somebody pen and ink sketch
Cardinal Somebody pen and ink sketch



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