Giethoorn to Lemmer

Giethoorn is a waterland fantasy, a tiny village founded by a flagellant sect from somewhere in the Mediterranean, per the wiki.  I think they were Italians as I have read so somewhere a while back.  Now it is a major tourist destination and often referred to as  the Venice of the North, it is best seen from the punters, traditional flat bottom boats.  it is the combination of thatched roofs, lush gardens, canals and the 150 foot bridges that makes the place so charming.   There is a mere 2700 inhabitants so a walk, bike or boat tour does not take more than an hour and a half.


My paintings and drawings.  Some are still available for sale.



Giethoorn, 3 bridges post card A6


Giethoorn, Boat Nears Bridge, watercolor A6


View of Giethoorn (acrylics) A3 16.5 x 11.5″ in a private collection
Giethoorn Bridge pen and ink. Our boat takes us into the canals
Giethoorn Two Houses – watercolor on post card stock
Giethoorn, boat nears bridge, watercolor
Giethoorn Canal with Bridge pen and ink
Giethoorn Eyes Us – pen and ink


Peg’s photos:



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