El Salvador Part V

But it’s time for the Christmas eve party. The village hosts a dance in the village hall. A friend of Ramon donated the sound system, a $1500 affair with enough power to reach Guatemala. There was a good turn out, and Peg and I jumped in the moment we arrived. There were some good dancers among the mostly teenage crowd; the adults came later. A teenager maybe about 14 danced with a much taller girl, about 15. They only knew one dance, the merengue, but they did it well and did it to everything. Others did various forms of rock and roll dance and perhaps a salsa or two. Even Doggy got in the act. Doggy is the younger of Lucy’s two dogs and he was priviledge to come along and cower along the side. Nic d.j.’d mostly latin tunes using his laptop (which cost more than most people make in a year in this village) and when he strayed too far, someone yelled out for more Latin numbers. I guess experimentation was not on the floor.

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