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Alcoi and La Sarga, Spain with photos of the cave paintings (rare)

We rented a car Alcoi is a small town in the hills to the south of Valencia, Spain.  It is best know for the rock paintings in La Sarga, just 10 kilometers away, that date to 10-6000 BCE.  The Museo Archeologico there is small but very well done, especially the slide show from which these photos come.  The slides show the paintings as you would see them if you walked in to the sites and then enhance them, which is what I show here, having taken these of the slide show.  There is a paltry lack of these on the internet, so I am glad I took these:



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Here is a link to the museum:  Archaeological museum of Alcoi

There is a very good slide show of rock paintings in Spain at Cave paintings of Spain

The town is nestled in a rocky zone covered with ‘abrigos,’ cave openings.

Caves art of La Sarga, Spain
Caves art of La Sarga, Spain


Drawing of Alcoi from 1600's
Drawing of Alcoi from 1600’s


Rocky area just outside Alcoi
Rocky area just outside Alcoi

Barchell Castle is from the 13th century, probably built by the Moor.

Barchell Castle, 13th century
Barchell Castle, 13th century


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