Oh Solo Mia!

Mia With Manuel, pen and ink

“O sole mio” which is the basis for my pun is a famous Neapolitan song written in 1898. Lyrics by Giovanni Capurro, music by Eduardo di Capua and Alfredo Mazzucchi. It is usually sung in the Neopolitan dialect. ‘O sole mio in Italian is ‘Il mio sole,’ “my sun” or “my sunshine.” O Solo Mia means ‘O just Mia’ or ‘Mia alone.’ She resides with friends in El Carmen, taking one or the other for several walks a day.


A Bakery in Petxina

An ode to Manet

This scene is based upon our local bakery, and inspired by Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère. Petxina (pronounced ‘Pechina’) is a neighborhood of Valencia. The bakery is around the corner from us.

Art People and portraits

Family portraits

Portraits of members of my family.

mom watercolor
My mother Diana, watercolor

Her first name was really Sebastiana, an Italian name, but she went by Diana since around 1928. She was born in Brooklyn. Her sister was born in Sicily, probably Partanna where her father, my grandfather, was born.

dad june 20
My father Frank, graphite
matthew final sm
Mathew (Matteo), digital

Mathew, as we knew him, was born in Partanna, Sicily. He was our uncle. He came to the US around 1914. His last name differs however. I obtained his birth certificate. Unlike the others, the parents names are not stated. We have no idea who his father was.

gary peg nut farm final
Peg and I in Pennsylvania, digital
caroline peloso
My brother’s wife, Caroline, who recently passed away
Camillo, my half siblings father , acrylics

Camillo was born in Marsala, Sicily (yes, home of the famous wine). My brother says his hair was not curly as I have depicted it. He died during WWII while at work at the Brooklyn shipyards. I found his death certificate, upon which my mother’s first names were both used. I needed this to show the Italian consulate that Diana and Sebastiana were the same person. This allowed me to claim Italian citizenship.

self portrait small
Self portrait, acrylics

These next two are my more creative and less realistic portraits of older relatives

This is Giuseppe, my mother’s father.
Francesca, my grandmother
mae water color 1
My granddaughter Mae, watercolor
olive water color aug 1
My granddaugther Olive
Avec Ma Fille a Paris
With my daughter

Banda de Valencia, dynamic woman conducts

I have never seen a woman conduct a band or orchestra. At the concert on February 4, 2020 we were treated to her skillful conducting and for me her fabulous gestures. Too bad it was too dark to draw. In addition, there were two composers in the audience whose work was performed by the Banda de Valencia, a symphonic band (no violins).

Beatriz Fernandez Aucejo, charcoal drawing

Beatriz Fernandez Aucejo trained locally first as a clarinetist and in Murcia to the south of Valencia as a conductor. She’s conducted numerous bands in Spain. She often flashed a great smile at the band as she conducted while she almost danced her intentions to the musicians.

Santiago Quinto Serna and Vincente Ortiz Gimeno were in the audience. The band performed the former’s Un Deber de Amor . There are numerous performances on youtube. Here’s one

They performed Serna’s Rapsodia Hernandiana

These two pieces are representative of modern Spanish composition. Valencia is an internationally recognized center for music composition, especially for symphonic bands. In the province there are about 600 symphonic bands, many of whom annually come to Valencia to compete.



What is uniquely mine comes from what it means to be me somehow. Sometimes even I can not emulate me, some of the colors I have mixed I can not quite duplicate. These colors are a mixture of what I have learned academically and my flying by the seat of my pants, pure instinct for fuel.

Art Hopper inspired

Croquis Cafe

Acrylics on Arches, 57 x 76 cm, 22.5 x 30”

Croquis Cafe is an ode to Edward Hopper’s Sunlight In a Cafeteria. Strong lines are offset by soft figures. Unlike the loneliness of a Hopper scene, here we have activity and movement in an art cafe. “Croquis” is the French for sketch.

Art Couples People and portraits

Into the Night Sky

Into the Night Sky, acrylics on paper, 30 x 40, 11.25 x 16.5

From the story of Julio and Alicia in El Gran Hotel. The story takes place in turn of the century Spain. Julio looks for his missing sister at the Hotel, finding work as a waiter. He finds a sympathetic ear in Alicia, who is forced to wed a crooked partner of her parents. In the ethos of the time Alicia must not wed below her status as a well to do heiress. She finds this secret room in the hotel, hidden between two guest suites. Here they meet. I did a version in chiaroscuro here

Art People and portraits

Dos Amigas

Peg and Sari: ¡Amigas Para Siempre! acrylics on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, 16 x 20″

A rendition of Peg with our Spanish friend Sari.

Art Pen and ink sketches

Sketches from England

We stayed at a friend’s house in this small town in England near Cambridge, where they filmed episodes of Inspector Morse, a popular British detective show from the 1980’s or 90’s. It was a farm house converted to a residence, with much charm. It was heated by the huge kitchen stove with water circulating to both floors. Outside a fox would visit, looking for a meal of old cat whom we were there to care for. Our friends were off for a long trip to southeast Asia, gone for the month. We had use of their car, which we used to get to the train for the trip into London, which allowed us to see a few plays and see the museums again.

view from window in the Heath

old farm house pen ink watercolor
House in Flackwell Heath, water color and ink
old farm house left side flackwell
House in Flackwell Heath, ink
egyptian two figures
At the British Museum, watercolor and ink
egyptian woman dance
Woman Dances, based on Egyptian statue at British Museum
Art People and portraits

Avec Ma Fille a Paris


Avec Ma Fille a Paris, With My Daughter in Paris. At Notre Dame

Avec Ma Fille