Did Caravaggio Predict Trump (print)

Did Caravaggio Predict Trump” uses the image of my original acrylic painting Trumpcissus, available on my website.. This mixed media creation adds new dimensions to the painting by using a news style magazine cover.   

Limited Edition (100) prints with original signature are made with a giclee printer, producing the highest quality prints obtainable.  The Unlimited Edition is a high quality print on watercolor type paper.   Certificate of authenticity on Limited Edition Prints


Did Caravaggio predict Trump, print 12" x 16" approx, 30 x 40 cm

digital painting, prints only

2 thoughts on “Did Caravaggio Predict Trump (print)”

  1. Have you ever paid for health insurance or your taxes or did you only live on hand outs from the government ?` I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU. PERHAPS YOU SHOULD READ THE CONSTITUTION AND LEARN ABOUT A PEACEFUL TRANSITION FROM ONE GOVERNMENT TO THE NEXT. YOU ARE HIGHLY DISRESPECTFUL PRESIDENT TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT AT PRESENT. He ls a hard working person an amazing skill. I am very proud of him.

    • Trump is evil and you are at the very least misled. Trump is illegitimate, and even if he weren’t, dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Is this some autocracy where citizens are not allowed to criticize Dear Leader? Not yet, it isn’t.

      As for whether Gary has paid for health insurance or taxes, that’s irrelevant. But I know for a fact that no poor person in this country is living entirely off of government hand-outs. Trump and his cronies, on the other hand, have no trouble taking the government’s money.


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