Art Drawings from Rome

Pen and ink of Roman Bronze

roman statute standing sm
Roman Statute, pen and ink and brush, 30 x 40 cm/11.8 x 15.7″

This piece stands in the Museo Nazionale Palazzo Massimo, next to the Seated Bronze.  It is life size at least, an amazing bronze sculpture.  

Art Drawings from Rome People and portraits

Drawings of Caravvagio paintings

After seeing the Caravaggio and His Times Exhibit in Rome last week I did some rough-ish drawings of some of his paintings in conte crayon. The man certainly could draw very well in the manner of his day. That did not make him unusual as an artist for that time. Rather it was his perfecting the dramatic use of lighting in his paintings.

caravaggio boy bitten
From Boy Bitten by Lizard
lute  sm
from The Musicians
caravaggio figures
St Francis of Assissi in Ecstasy
caravaggio bachus
From Bacchus
Art Drawings from Rome

Seated boxer and other drawings from Rome

The Seated Boxer, at Museo Nazionale Romano.
The Seated Boxer, at Museo Nazionale Romano.Famous bronze statue.

Trajans Column from Vittorio Emanuelle
Trajan’s Column from Vittorio Emanuelle, sketch in ink, while waiting for the concert

Teenage girl
Teenage girl , graphite

View From castle San Angelo
View From castle San Angelo, pen, brush and ink, seated along the Tevere


Church Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
Statue at the church called Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

Teen girl at cafe
Teen girl at cafe, pen, brush ink