Natalia Gontcharova

Picking Apples

Born in 1881 in Nagaevo, Russia, Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova, the daughter of Sergei,  an architect.  She moved to Moscow in 1892, and graduated from the Fourth Women’s Gymnasium in 1898.    In 1901 she enrolled in the Moscow Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture to study sculpture, and in 1903 she began exhibiting in important venues.  Goncharova then met Mikhail Larionov, also a student; shortly they began to live and work together.  She switched to painting in 1904, drawing on Russian folk art and icons and with Mikhail created Rayonism, a style influenced by technology and modernity,  with strong rays of contrasting colors.

Gontcharova: Foret Blu Vert
Foret Blu Vert.  Example of Rayonism

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