Sketches from England

We stayed at a friend’s house in this small town in England near Cambridge, where they filmed episodes of Inspector Morse, a popular British detective show from the 1980’s or 90’s. It was a farm house converted to a residence, with much charm. It was heated by the huge kitchen stove with water circulating to … Read moreSketches from England

The Screams- Solitary Confinement in Lithuania

The Screams- Solitary Confinement in Lithuania was done during our visit to Lithuhania. This scene is from the Gestapo/Soviet detention and torture facility. This nightmare is the solitary confinement chamber just barely bog enough for one person and was probable kept very dark. It’s torture without leaving a mark on your body. I write more … Read moreThe Screams- Solitary Confinement in Lithuania

Clochina (Valencia mussels): a special treat

  When the local local mussels are in, Valencianos dig in!  Called ‘Clóchinas, they are smaller than most of the also excellent mussels we get all year long from Galicia.  They can be a bit saltier than the Galician variety, farmed in the fjords of that province, as they grow in saltier water and on … Read moreClochina (Valencia mussels): a special treat

44,000 year old cave paintings

December 18, 2019 The oldest form of communication that reaches us from ancient man comes from artists.  The oldest drawing, found on a rock in South Africa last year, is some 73,000 years old.  In Germany there is a 40,000-year-old sculpture of a human with lion’s head.  In France, a 14,000- to 21,000-year old mural … Read more44,000 year old cave paintings

Sophonisba Anguisciola and Livinia Fontana, 16th c. Italian Painters

December 2019 These two women are currently exhibited at El Prado in Madrid, which I attended recently.  It is a large collection.  Unfortunately they do not allow photos.  You can see a few more at their website El Prado expos. Lavinia Fontana (1552 – 1614) was trained by her father Prospero Fontana of the well known … Read moreSophonisba Anguisciola and Livinia Fontana, 16th c. Italian Painters